Australian Shepherds



Carolina Calais Simply Smashing

  • DOB: March 12, 2018
  • hips: too young, elbows: too young
  • CEA ?, PRA ?, HSF4 ?, MDR1 ?
  • eyes clear
  • breeders: Terri Morgan, Selena Poplin, Elizabeth Stibley
  • owners: Dora Erdesz, Joanne Boerland

I bred to Nashi’s sire Beckham who I was in love with for a while already, and that litter produced the most amazing temperaments among other great things. When I heard about Beckham being bred to Taylor – who for me was one of the most beautiful bitches I have seen, I couldn’t hope that we would be lucky enough to get a puppy from this cross. Thanks to my great friend Joanne, to Terri, Nashi’s breeder and to something Greater, that everything worked out and Nashi is now a sweet girl of ours. She is drivey, fearless, loves dogs, people, children. She is already training in mantrailing and she shows great promise. She already got BOBP & BOSP at ASCA shows.